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Embedded Electronics


eRENA Technologies offers a wide range of services in the embedded systems domain. We have expertise in design, development, verification and validation of embedded and real time systems used in a variety of electronics applications ... more

VLSI Design


VLSI Design Division focuses on Education and Research on cutting-edge, low-power, analog and GHz digital integrated circuits for systems on-chip and microcontroller applications ... more

Android App Develoment


We custom design,develop, test and deploy Android apps ...more

iPhone App Development


We custom design,develop, test and deploy iPhone apps ...more

Digital TV Software Stack

DTVeRENA Technologies has experiance in developing software stack for Digital TV for hardware platforms from various vendors like Telechips LSI, Renesas EMMA LSI, STMicro LSI.







Features of DTV Stack

  • Design, implementation and validation of Hardware Access Layer
  • Design and implementation of Application Layer
  • Design, porting and implementation of BSP
  • Supports DTV standards viz. ATSC, DVB, ISDBT, DMB,CMMB
  • Demuxing and Decoding of various protocols
  • Supports both Embedded Linux and Android
  • OSD menu 
  • Full HD Audio/Video decoding 
  • SPDIF Interface for digital bit stream out
  • Composite and CVBS out
  • Support for MOST interface