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eRENA Technologies offers a wide range of services in the embedded systems domain. We have expertise in design, development, verification and validation of embedded and real time systems used in a variety of electronics applications ... more

VLSI Design


VLSI Design Division focuses on Education and Research on cutting-edge, low-power, analog and GHz digital integrated circuits for systems on-chip and microcontroller applications ... more

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We custom design,develop, test and deploy Android apps ...more

iPhone App Development


We custom design,develop, test and deploy iPhone apps ...more

VLSI Design



VLSI Design today is the most happening field in Electronics. This is a highly specialized field that has the power of integrating billions of transistors on a Silicon Chip.

A typical System-on-Chip design project involves tons of engineers, multiple geographies and exhorbitant costs. The SoC combines an array of disparate subsystems, usually called IPs (Intellectual Properties) e.g. ARM, SRAM, USB, Ethernet, DAC, DSP and sensors. These heterogeneous IPs are supplied by various vendors. The design process involves the integration of these multiple-vendor IPs on a single piece of silicon while satisfying multiple conflicting objectives.
e.g. Performance, cost and power consumption.

VLSI Design Division focuses on Education and Research on cutting-edge, low-power, analog and GHz digital integrated circuits for systems on-chip and microcontroller applications. Our general goal is to exploit the capabilities and possibilities of latest and future advanced semiconductor technologies. We are particularly interested in PLLs, Analog-To-Digital Convertors, Digital-To-Analog Convertors, DC-DC convertors, power amplifier architectures, VLSI chip timing and synchronization techniques, high-efficiency arithmetic circuits, low-power multi-GHz clocking, low-voltage low-leakage and process-variation-tolerant circuit techniques and high-speed on-chip and chip-to-chip signaling.

We also work in digital VLSI areas. FPGAs along with EDA Tools have changed the VLSI Design scenario. These tools are finding extensive applications in areas like Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Set Top Entertainment Boxes, Computer Peripherals, Defense, Satellites, Communication and Cell Phone. Further, growing technological requirements like reduction in design-cycle-times, need for multiple featured, low cost, low powered small sized and high performance devices, have created demand for design of Large Complex Integrated Circuits. This demand has further fuelled the need for an increase in the number of individuals involved in VLSI Design and calls for an increased emphasis on effectively utilization of available resources to aid in design.

The FPGA market is increasing and is about to grow more than the ASIC market, both in terms of devices and value. Companies like Xilinx, Altera, Quick Logic, Vantis, Lattice and Cypress are the major players in this market. Million gate devices from them are already available. FPGAs are now finding applications in areas, which formerly were the domain of ASICs only.



  • Full Custom
  • Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)
  • Programmable Logic (PLD, FPGA)
  • System-on-a-Chip

Spec to GDSII

  • Architecture
  • Design & Integration
  • Verification
  • Synthesis, DFT,PD,Timing Closure
  • Technology Migration
  • Re-engineering


  • Algorithm Development
  • HW-SW partitioning
  • Optimization
  • Coding


  • Module / Full chip
  • Coverage driven / assertion based
  • Power aware
  • Static Formal
  • Gate level simulation


  • Scan insertion and compression
  • Boundary Scan
  • ATPG
  • Tester Support

Physical Design

  • Synthesis
  • Design Partioning
  • Place and Route
  • Timing Closure
  • EM, IR drop, Leakage/Dynamic power
  • Physical Verification

Custom Design

  • Circuit Schematic Design
  • Custom Layout Design
  • Physical Verification
  • Spice Simulation and Characteristion